Timeshare and Vacation in Sicily

" satisfied customer is the most valuable patrimony for a company to have. Total dedication is necessary to deserve his/her trust. "

Always with you, before and after your purchase

Whether you want to buy one timeshare for one week, a holiday package, or you decide to spend one weekend in one of our touristic facilities, you can always rely on us. We will be ready to satisfy your vacation needs.

The passion for our job, accuracy and moral integrity have always been the inspiring principles for our services.

Multi Erice is mainly a customer-focused company, with a crystal-clear business philosophy based on a continuous analysis of the relationship with our customers. We strive to differentiate our company from those that are essentially sales-oriented, giving priority to their profits only, in this way depriving the importance of the relationship with customers of its value.

  • Hotel e Villaggio Cala la Luna - Favignana
  • Hotel e Villaggio Cala la Luna - Favignana
  • Hotel e Villaggio Cala la Luna - Favignana
  • Hotel e Villaggio Cala la Luna - Favignana
  • Hotel e Villaggio Cala la Luna - Favignana
  • Hotel e Villaggio Cala la Luna - Favignana
  • Residence Cala del Porto - Marettimo
  • Residence Cala del Porto - Marettimo
  • Residence Cala del Porto - Marettimo
  • Palazzo San Lorenzo
  • Palazzo San Lorenzo
  • Palazzo San Lorenzo
  • Grand Hotel Misurina - Cortina D'Ampezzo
  • Grand Hotel Misurina - Cortina D'Ampezzo
  • Grand Hotel Misurina - Cortina D'Ampezzo
  • Residence Stella Marina - Ustica
  • Residence Stella Marina - Ustica
  • Residence Stella Marina - Ustica

That is a culture acquired after years spent in the market, with the goal to improve constantly the “quality of the services” offered to our clients, to exceed people's expectations through the knowledge of what can be useful or pleasant to them, and last but not least by making available to them our resources, creativity and dedication.

With this awareness, we started our journey riding over some obstacles that seemed to be insurmountable more than 20 years ago, and with the same spirit, we have kept working until today.

Thousands of families have been relied on us during these years,
and thanks to their trust, we were able, little by little, to achieve
important market segments. To all of them we have been offering
our enthusiasm and professionalism.  

" You gain your customer's trust through respect and gratification; it is a slow, meticulous process, a castle to build brick by brick, and in the end your client will award you for your dedicated commitment. There are no other ways, no shortcuts and if there were any, it would bring you nowhere "...

Baldassare Genco - Administrator   


our turnkey vacation

To choose Multi Erice means to invest in your vacations.
Multi Erice has been serving the tourism market for over 20 years. Our company has a wide knowledge of the market, with a consolidate experience in managing and selling timeshare real estate facilities and tourist resorts.

The timeshare segment has played a key role in the growth of the company and represents until now its main business, letting the company achieve gratifying results. In fact, during these last years the company has gained over 35% of the national timeshare market (as reported by a Media Time Group's research, a very important tourism marketing service company), going beyond 2,500 sales based on a regular notarial deed, and more than 2,000 customers in our portfolio. These are results that make Multi Erice being considered one of the most important companies in the tourism industry in Italy.

Multi Erice is also a leading company thanks to its important post-sales activity, with over 700 timeshare weeks sold on behalf of our customers. Moreover, dealing directly with the management of our facilities, the company has been able to improve more than 90% of the rental tasks received by the timeshare clients, generating interesting economic benefits to their advantage.

This is one of the elements that characterizes Multi Erice, making the company different from the almost totality of this market. It is a matter of fact that being simultaneously seller and managers of the tourist facilities represents the best protection for our customers' interest, who feel protected and supported even after their purchase.

If thousands of clients trusted us it is just because we have always been working with integrity and farsighted view. All our activities are managed and commercialised in full accordance with the legislative decree 427/98; later merged to the "consumer code" through the legislative decree 206/95, and recently modified by the last legislative decree 79/2011. Tools that, at different stages, have been regulating the entire industry, establishing some rules to protect the buyers and putting an end to that approximation that had predominated for too long in the Italian market.

Multi Erice has been awarded not only by its clients, but also by Interval International and R.C.I., global leading companies in vacation exchange with over 5,500 affiliated timeshareglobal leading companies in vacation exchange with over 5,500 affiliated timeshare resorts. These two companies have awarded Multi Erice with important international recognitions for the quality of its services to the clients during many years.

Multi Erice yesterday and today

Multi Erice was created at the end of '80s by the joint enthusiasm of its founders, all coming from multi-year careers in prestigious companies of the real estate and financial industries.

The union between two cultures with different origins, both aimed at the achievement of the same goal, made the creation of an entrepreneurial project possible: the realization of an articulate program involving the real estate, timeshare, residential and hospitality industries. A project with some specific characteristics able to make it standing out :

  • Exclusive and prestigious activities;
  • Environmental conservation;
  • Constant research of innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology solutions;
  • Attention to details and continuous research for superior quality;
  • Respect of our cultural roots and the recovery of our best traditions;
  • Satisfaction and the excess of our customer's expectations;
  • Our price competitiveness
  • A perfect management and a meticulous attention to our activities
  • Ours and our colleagues' availability, passion and enthusiasm.

Starting from those premises, at the beginning of '90s, Multi Erice entered the timeshare market. That choice has to be considered in light of a natural growth of the company within the tourism market continuously requiring more and more innovative services for vacation. Services that are able to satisfy new families' needs providing, meanwhile, a real support to the systematic and regulated evolution of this industry on its whole.

Today our company has a complete understanding in the field of timeshare industry, taking care of all aspects of the operations, from the project to the marketing and sales services. Moreover, to ensure a high quality service, at Multi Erice we take care of the management of our facilities, thanks to the cooperation of some highly qualified professionals

Multi Erice has a presence in the timeshare market with several offices and an extended network of collaborators.
Resorts and Residences commercialized by Multi Erice
  • Traditional Residences
  • Palazzo San Lorenzo - TP
  • Colonia Principe di Piemonte - PI
  • I Giardini del Conte - TP
  • I Giardini di San Vito lo Capo - TP
  • Palazzo Rua Grande - TP

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