Timeshare Advantages

Timeshare: Advantages and Benefits

What about one week of vacation in Sicily or at the Cortina ski slopes?

Wonderful idea, of course, although we need to book many months in advance and, on top of that, it is too expensive especially when an entire family with kids is leaving. Our children, who usually do not adjust very well to the life in a hotel,the meals at the restaurants and that, during a vacation as well, need all the comforts of their home.

Here one of the reasons why many Italian families decided to buy a timeshare house: a perfect summary of all the advantages and services provided by a resort and their own house: an ambience that does not impose excessive restrictions to their family freedom

Timeshare solution offers the buyer additional advantages and benefits. You will:

  • Have at your disposal an apartment without the need to face additional costs to owning a second house. When purchasing an apartment in a traditional house, actually, you have to freeze an important capital, and you need to face many costs other than those for the annual maintenances, even though its usage is limited to few days.
  • Own, for your vacations, a house located in exclusive locations, in front of private beaches or close to ski facilities, completely furnished and within complexes equipped with sports and recreational facilities, intended to satisfy the needs related to your spare time.
  • Save money, optimizing the relation between costs and real usage of the second house, that is going to affect not only the maintenance costs, but also the fiscal and notarial ones, and finally the taxes you pay.
  • Have the warranty to avail yourself of several services, such as the operations related to the check-in and checkout, laundry services and housekeeping. Now a day, Timeshare means worldwide vacation because you do not buy just a house anymore, but everything that a high quality hotel solution can offer you (restaurants, bars, etc...)
  • Have an always perfectly functioning property; the management company, in fact, will take care of all the necessary duties, such as ordinary and extraordinary maintenances, insurance, consumption expenses, municipal taxes, etc...
  • Have the opportunity to enjoy a vacation in your house, with all the savings related to such a choice without losing all the benefits related to the property right.

In addition being owner of weeks in a Timeshare means, you will:

  • Have a valid passport for the world, having access to a wide hotel and resorts network worldwide thanks to the opportunity to exchange the period of your vacation offered by an international vacation exchange network.
  • Be able to offer your apartment to a friend; a presentation letter will be sufficient in order for your guests to become our resort guests.
  • Another very important benefit is given by the operational certainty. In an extremely confused reality, investing in bricks and mortar remains the best solution to keep your savings safe.
  • Last aspect we do not have to leave aside is the investment. The value of the purchased unit using this system, generally, increases over time respect to inflation, for 2 reasons:
    The simultaneous presence in the Timeshare system of two essential components, the house and the touristic service that guarantee a profit and a constant increase of the value of the invested capital.
    The importance of the location of the resort.
The prestige, the touristic value, the historical and cultural importance, the geographical position, the exclusivity of the place and the good weather conditions are all elements that add value to a touristic facility.
It is important to build a Timeshare resort in unique places, where it makes sense to stay. Close to a golf club, a touristic harbour or state-of-the-art entertainments, actually, it has to be in a prestigious place, well connected to airports and harbours and, of course, easy to reach. In other words, it has to combine very well a good deal and the amusement!

Some numbers about Timeshare

Timeshare was born, officially, in France back in 1967, when a company in Marseille obtained the registration of the brand "Multipropriété". Later, this system knew its real expansion in Florida, until it spread like wildfire all over America.

However, the global Timeshare market had its real boom during th '20s: from 190 timeshare owners in 1976, to about 5 million this year. The European market also has adopted well the timeshare system, in fact, it represents 30% of the total of the timeshare owners around the world and this percentage keeps increasing constantly. Now a day there are about 5,500 resorts over 100 countries, affiliate to the international exchange network with an investment of 110 billion dollars
In Italy, over 150 thousand families own a Timeshare.

Today, prestigious companies with famous names in the international tourism industry serve the Timeshare market, such as:

  • Four Season Resort
  • Marriott
  • Sheraton
  • Westgate
  • Inter – Continental Hotels
  • Hilton
  • Club Cordial
  • Hyatt
  • Thomas Cook
  • Disney
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