Prestigious Property - Trapani

Between Tradition and Modernity

Our intervention goes from the recovery of historical buildings and prestigious palaces located in the old town center, to the sale of residential complexes located in important touristic destinations. In both cases, all our projects have something in common: a true respect of the environment and the cultural background of a place, together with an interest in modernity and the use of state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.

The residential units as tourist accommodations are planned ad hoc and take into consideration even the smallest detail. The layout of the units is very functional to ensure a perfect use of the available space. The location of the building plays an important part during the intervention process: it is essential that the building is set in a unique landscape, a place with high touristic interest, close to the sea and surrounded by nature; close to ski slopes, harbors or airports, and easy to reach. In other words, the location has to make it more precious and resalable with time.

The historic building recovery is very important from a cultural and social standpoint. The goal is to return buildings or areas that have been ignored or forgotten for long to the city and its territory. A perfect recovery has to preserve the architectural characteristics of the building through the renovation of original architectonic elements. It is important to modify the interior design, creating a functional layout that considers our new modern life needs. That is an important role, requiring a high attention to details, something Multi Erice has a passion for.

Palazzo San Lorenzo - Trapani

A prestigious recovery for meticulous and demanding people

In the heart of Trapani, the Palazzo San Lorenzo with its Liberty style rises up in all its beauty. A few steps away from the Cathedral and the amazing seashore of Trapani, the palace has maintained its historic characteristics, recovering any important architectonic element. Selected materials and high quality finishes have been used to produce a high level result. To be sure both comfort and functionality were offered, the recovery intervention took into consideration every aspect of our modern life style, optimizing the indoor layout and equipping the apartment with state-of-art technologies.

The Colonia Principe di Piemonte - Calambrone / Pisa

Erected in a prestigious area, form a morphological and natural standpoint, the Colonia Principi di Piemonte is located between Viale del Tirreno and the sea, in an area adjacent to the foreshore. Seen from above, it seems to be an airplane shaped building. The renovation project merged the need to keep and protect the original shape of the building and the needs of the tourists in the area. For that reason, a series of residential units (over 100) with different dimensions, was created linked to a welcome center, including a swimming pool, a side-pool bar and a five-a-side football court. The typical sand dunes of the shore have been kept considering they represent a characteristic of the place. A spot that, because of its beauty, was used to shoot the majority of the scenes of "The English Patient" movie.

I Giardini del Conte - Bonagia / Trapani

Consisting of 150 residential units, the complex Giardini del Conte offers a wide variety of services. The residence is in harmony with the surrounding landscape, representing a sort of "city-garden". In this regard, the house, considered as an independent residential unit, is part of a bigger complex with a shopping area, a post office, school and sport facilities, public parks, parking, etc…

I Giardini del Conte can indeed be considered as a small city beautifully set between the sea and the Mount Erice with all the necessary services to guarantee you a perfect stay.


I Giardini di San Vito - San Vito lo Capo / Trapani

The Giardini di San Vito complex consists of 75 detached residential units surrounded by Chamaerops humilis (a type of palm tree), Euphorbias and Bouganville plants. Created to be harmonically part of the landscape, the units were built employing many natural materials. So, for example, you will have indoor/outdoor wood textures; stone countertops and dry stone walls; cotto roof and floor tiles.

The residential units, all different as per dimensions and characteristics, are set in a green area with several walk-paths which contributes to the creation of a residential complex on a plateau overlooking the Gulf of San Vito lo Capo.


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