Timeshare in Sicily

our house, in the period you want

Imagine buying a house for your holidays in your favourite place. Awesome! However, from a financial standpoint it would not be so convenient because you would buy for the entire year, but you actually would use it only for few weeks.
So, why do not you buy it for the period within a year you really need it? The purchase and management costs would be lower because the annual costs are being shared.
Timeshare means
  • Buying the period of vacation, you really need.
  • In the period of the year, you really want.
  • The right apartment for you.

Your Timeshare with Multierice

With a small investment, you will:
  • Enjoy of all the comforts of a resort in the intimacy of your house
  • Buy only the period you need, ensuring yourself one or more weeks per year at a prestigious location whose value increases with time, and with the warranty of a notarial deed.
  • Deposit convenient monthly payments, at no interests, directly to us, avoiding any additional cost for a financial brokerage service.
  • Forever have an exclusive vacation that you can enjoy, rent or resell. On top of that, you will eliminate any organizational, maintenance or cleaning duty, as well as any tax burden that bears upon the ownership of a second house.
  • Forever eliminate the expenses to "rent" hotel and resorts rooms. Have you ever wondered how much have you been paying during the last two-three years on your vacations?
  • Guarantee yourself a direct management of the services, being sure to keep management costs within reasonable bounds together with a perfect maintenance.
  • Exchange both the period and the place of your vacation thanks to Interval International, our excellent partner and leading company in vacation exchange. Any time, you can exchange both the period and the destination of your vacation, choosing among over than 2,700 resorts in 100 different countries all over the world. You will be able to visit far and charming places without the disadvantage of early booking or any choice limitation.

Become a Timeshare owner with us

To invest in your vacation is now possible thanks to Multi Erice. Serving the tourism market for over 20 years, in the last ten years, Multi Erice has gained over over 35% of the national timeshare market, going beyond 2,500 sales based on a regular notarial deed, and more than 2,000 customers in its portfolio.

Multi Erice is also a leading company thanks to its important post-sales activity, with over 700 timeshare weeks sold on behalf of its customers. Moreover, dealing directly with the management of our facilities, the company has been able to improve more than 90% of the rental tasks received by the timeshare owners, so generating interesting economic benefits to their advantage.

These results have contributed to making the company one of the most representative ones of this segment in Italy. It is a matter of fact that being simultaneously seller and managers of the tourist facilities represents the best protection for our customers' interest, who feel protected and supported even after their purchase.

Multi Erice has been awarded not only by its clients, but also by Interval International and R.C.I., global leading companies in vacation exchange with over 5,500 affiliated timeshare resorts. These two companies have awarded Multi Erice with important international recognitions for the quality of its services to the timeshare clients during many years.

Multi Erice means above all accuracy, reliability and commitment.

Vacation-Exchange: Your Passport to the World

One who decides to go on vacation tries, at any cost, to enjoy a moment of well-deserved break from our hectic daily life, finally to re-start with more enthusiasm and determination.

We look for an ideal place, the best accommodation and, obviously, we hope to avoid any bad surprise we can bump into when we leave the organisation of our vacation into the hands of a tour operator. Choosing Multi Erice you will take part in a wide network of high quality vacations.

Thanks to the purchase of a Multi Erice timeshare, in fact, you will become member of an international timeshare exchange network, with over 2 million timeshare owners and thousands of high quality destinations worldwide.

Over 2,500 facilities and resorts worldwide are waiting for you. Any chosen place, city or destination will become your desired dwell. This service will offer you flexibility, practicality and, above all,
it will add value to your timeshare.

How it works

This vacation system is designed to guarantee an equal exchange to all its members. The selection of our partners' facilities is very strict and depends on multiple factors. We take into consideration the touristic value of the area, the geographical position, the proximity to historical sites and other amenities in that specific region.

All of our partners' resorts have to comply with high quality standards and they have to satisfy our timeshare members' expectations with reference to the vacation quality level, the efficiency of the service and the relax and amusement amenities.

Once in our exchange network, the resorts are supervised constantly to be sure the required quality levels remain the same with time. This helps to determine the value of the resort and the negotiation power of the available weeks for an exchange, but most of all it guarantees the perfect operation
of the system.
Multi Erice Timeshare, thanks to its flexibility, offers the advantages of travelling every year to different destinations together with the certainty that the apartment you choose, either a beach house or a mountain one, will be always ready to welcome you, without bad surprises.

It will be always easy for you to change the destination being able to spend every time unforgettable moments with the people you love.

Thanks to the vacation exchange network, in fact, you will find the perfect solutions, in Italy or abroad, deciding every year when you want to leave for your vacation.

Year after year, you will have a wide selection of destinations to choose: exotic islands with marvellous beaches, ancient cities, snowy mountaintops, deserts and lakes where you can finally make you dream come true.

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