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Interval International: The Quality Vacation Exchange Network

Buying a Timeshare with Multi Erice, you will become a member of Interval International, leading global company in the vacation exchange market with over 2,500 timeshare resort partners worldwide, and over 2 million members. You will spend quality vacations forever, week after week, year after year. Founded in 1976, Interval International soon achieved the encomiastic acknowledgement for being a quality vacation exchange network thanks to the high quality of their partner's resorts, the high quality of their services and the vast range of advantages for its members.

The Interval International program offers you the opportunity, time after time, to choose the best solution to spend your vacations. You will choose between your own timeshare and another destination within the vacation exchange network. You will find the best solution for your needs, because thanks to Interval International it is possible to exchange your destination, choosing between the sea and the mountain, Italy and some other location abroad, a big metropolis or small villages, a cruse or a thermal vacation..

How it woks

Interval International system is designed to guarantee fair exchanges to all its members. The selection of the partners' facilities is very strict and depends on multiple factors.

All resorts have to comply with high quality standards required by Interval International and they have to satisfy its timeshare members' expectations. Once in the exchange network, the resorts are supervised constantly to be sure the required quality levels remain the same with time.

In addition to the daily supervision, the planned checks and inspections, Interval asks its members to complete evaluation surveys regarding each aspect of their vacation. The survey covers different multiple factors, such as the quality of the apartment, the resort's maintenance, the hospitality, services and activities and the attractions in the area.

From this combined action, Interval's managers can have a perfect paint of the management efficiency in the different locations and the level of attention reserved to the timeshare owner. The deriving evaluation helps to determine the value of the residence within the vacation exchange network, together with the selling power of those weeks available for an exchange.

How the Vacation Exchange works

Fast, easy and fun!

To trade your week in a timeshare is the best way to give your family the opportunity to visit new places, travelling when you desire. The vacation availability you can access to will depend on the weeks other Interval International members are not going to use. Because vacation owners worldwide deposit their weeks into an exchange pool, those weeks become the global offer to satisfy other members.

To enter the vacation exchange network, you only need to relinquish your week, choose the desired destination from an Interval International partners' directory, and indicate your departure date. All this via phone, or internet.

Being an Interval International Member, you will:

  • Decide how and when you want to exchange your vacation, having many way to do it.
  • Change the destination of your vacation.
  • Change the period of your vacation.
  • Have the opportunity to visit your own timeshare resort in a different period of the year.
  • Use your owned weeks in different periods and locations, (for example, if you purchased two weeks, you might decide to use only one for your vacation and deposit the other one for an exchange)
  • Accumulate weeks of vacation deciding to use them later, when you want.
  • Borrow future weeks; in this way you will have the opportunity to have longer vacations, or to leave for more than once in a year.
  • Be able to plan your vacations three years in advance.
  • Ask for a last minute exchange.
  • Have the opportunity to make your week flexible dividing it in shorter periods of time, from one up to six nights.
  • Enjoy benefits and discounts over the year, even outside of your vacation.
Interval International Membership benefits.

You will be able to trade your week in a timeshare for a cruise on board of some of the most beautiful ships that make waves in the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean, Norwegian fjords and Alaska. You can choose between a relaxing vacation in some of the most beautiful thermal spots in the world, and a golf vacation, thanks to tailored packages and discounts, in Europe, United States, Africa, Caribbean and Dubai.

If you don't want to renounce to your week, or you don't want to relinquish it, you can book your vacation whenever you want using Gateway, another way to experience weeklong resort-style vacations for amazingly low prices, in destinations around the world.

You will enjoy some privileges when renting a car, and you will receive discounts up to 50% off for thousands of hotels, restaurants, museum, parks and touristic attractions around the worlds.

With the Gold Concierge service, you will receive assistance when you want to purchase a ticket, a travel insurance, when you want to rent a car, reserve at a trendy restaurant, or just have advices about interesting places to visit.

If you want to give the gift of travel by assigning the use of your resort time or Getaway to friends and family, you can do it by purchasing affordable Guest Certificates.Interval helps you to plan your vacations and keeps you updated through Interval World, magazine packed with in-depth travel news, vacation ideas, and available deals; or by e-mail to inform you about new destinations and offers.

Interval International Vacation exchange network is a tempting opportunity to visit the world, experience different
cultures while staying at high quality resorts. You choose!!!
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